Do NOT buy PERGO laminate flooring. It is made from compressed paper and as a previous complaint states, if it gets wet it will warp and buckle.

We bought ours from Lowes with the same assurances that the product was acceptable for use in a kitchen application. We had ours installed in the dining room and the living room. A single spilled glass of water ruined several boards under the table and the resulting repair (replacement of 3 boxes of new laminate) was over $500.

The issue of having this same laminate in the living room presents additional problems from wet shoes walking in from outdoors. The was a definite waste of money and I am sorry that we spent so much on the flooring - I can not recommend PERGO to anyone.

A complaint to PERGO fell on deaf ears and we got a "I don't care" response.

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Though it is beautiful looking, the quality is lacking. Edges are starting to come up (a year later), very slippery, and shows spots.

to Michigan mad #1444369

Should add that our 15 year old Wilson art laminate was still perfect.

Rochester, New York, United States #953111

I am an installer of all Laminates and Hardwood and tile for over 20 yrs and I will tell all of you flooring is not what it was even 3 yrs ago. Laminate from 10 yrs ago was glue together not snap together and the Brand Pergo is as much junk as any other now and all Manufacturer's are telling us it can be installed in Kitchens and bathrooms but the bottom line is it's paper and glue and already wrapped when you get it you just don't know it

Lawrenceville, Georgia, United States #715578

People complaining that "Pergo" aka laminate flooring is compressed paper with a photo of real wood should have been smart enough to read up on what they are buying. All laminate flooring is essentially compress wood fiber (paper) with durable wood looking top layer.

Also don't blame Pergo because a *** Lowes/HD salesman told you it would be good under wet conditions.

To even have a chance at holding up under wet conditions you have to use laminate flooring glue to seal each seam during the install which is a major PITA. Don't blame Pergo because you didn't do your homework before ordering hundreds/thousands of dollars worth of flooring, laminate flooring is one of the worst choices to be put in a wet environment.

to Anonymous Orlando, Florida, United States #1195857

You tell them to do their research but criticize them for putting their experience online for the rest of us to learn from. How is that a constructive or helpful comment?

I suppose it made you feel smarter and better than others. Well, yay for you and your judgmental perspective. Yes, Pergo is to blame for their representative (lowes/depot/whatever) that are making false claims.

If it isn't good for wet conditions, Pergo should put that information on the product information. It is called integrity in a company.


I hate our Pergo laminate flooring!!! We told the salesman at Home Depot that we wanted something that would withstand water being tracked in from the river that we live on.

The floor has several areas of warping now, and also has many very noticeable dings in it. The floor is simply a photo of real wood slapped onto particle board or cheap wood, and covered with a clear top coat. I dropped a butter knife and cringed when I saw yet another dent.

The dents show a black color, which really contrasts with the floor color. It has a 15-year warranty which covers NOTHING!!

Covington, Louisiana, United States #668404

I ordered Pergo laminate for 2 rooms, the installer started laying it and after a few boards, refused to install the rest, it was warping already. I told Home depot to pick up the 25 boxes out of my house, and bring back another batch, the installers are coming back next Friday to start the job over again, if the problem occurs a second time, I will cancel the contract. Meanwhile, I am living without most of my furniture, camped over a concrete floor, with a pile of the new shipment of 25 boxes with the same code number as the first one...I have my doubts about :cry the satisfied completion of this job!


First of all

Pergo is a brand name not a type of flooring. I can't stand it when someone tells me that their pergo is horrible, and then tell me its a different brand of laminate.

So to nanging, Your *** about Amstrong flooring, not pergo.

On top of that, im fairly certain i was warned by pergo and the company that installed it, not to install in kitchens or bathrooms, however, my parents decided to do it anyway in there house. After 10-15 years, it still looks beautiful.

Same goes for me, I have spilled a ton of drinks on my floor and never had a problem.

However, a friend of mine has "Pergo", it just happens to be an off brand laminate, that anywhere water touches, is ruined almost instantly...


I am also confused.

I have Pergo in our upstairs laundry room and it is my favorite flooring in my whole 3500sq. ft house! More durable than my Bruce hardwoods, understandably, softer than my slate and concrete, and more long lasting than my berber carpet.

WE've had standing water in the laundry, as can happen, and Pergo was great?

Perhaps you have an installation issue? Flooring installed in 1999 and still going strong!

to Pergo since 2000 Dallas, Texas, United States #1020412

Our Pergo was installed in the kitchen in 1998 and it is still going strong. No buckling or problems because we had a good installation.

I use a mist spray of laminate cleaner available at Beth, Bath and Beyond. Wiped immediately with a microfiber cloth on a paddle type flat dusting unit.

It looks good after all these years. A couple of dents here and there from a dropped item; we don't wear street shoes in the house.

Wodzislaw, Swietokrzyskie, Poland #443605

I have the same problem, I installed Armstrong Pergo thru-out the house. It has buckled thru-out the house and Connors Flooring and Armstrong refuse to do anything about it.

Pergo is a huge waste of money. They need to tell people if it gets wet it warps. They saw we have a pool and pets...I am sick about it.

My atty. advised me to take them to small claims court.

to nanging #805009

Second to the Armstrong is not Pergo comment.

This whole review chain is useless! I want to find out about Pergo -- not get a bunch of naggers who have no idea that several brands and qualities of laminate flooring exist.

Naggers who did not even bother to read directions, find out where the product belongs, or pay any attention to what the product actually is / is not.

I'm out of here.


You dont make sense. I have my entire house in Pergo since 2001 and never have had a problem even when my old chihuahua decides to pee wherever he thinks he wants to on occassion due to his alzheimers. No wonder they act like they dont care, it was probably installed incorrectly for "a glass of water" detroying the floor.

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