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I bought top of the line Pergo Flooring with the Gold under layment and some sort of seal for below that. We were told it had a lifetime warranty and that it was a great product for dogs.

I hate, hate, hate this product. Every little mark shows, there are scratches after only 2 months, I can hear " hollow" spots where you can tell the flooring is not flush with the ground. It is impossible to keep clean, sounds like tap dancing ( which I was assured it wouldn't) and it was the costliest mistake we have ever made. We wanted wood flooring but after much thought and horror stories on how animals tear them up, we went with the Pergo.

The best quality Pergo is still worse than the cheapest wood. Don't do it!!

Reason of review: Bad quality.

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Still unresolved but now boards are starting to looswn

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